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Yep, film is very archival. The one caveat is that it's archival if you shoot "real" B&W film. I was rummaging through a big box of photos and negs from 12 years ago and had a very unpleasant surprise. Most of what I was shooting back then was either color film or that C41 B&W stuff. The negs had faded so much I had to throw them away. Ditto for the cheap prints Walgreens had made for me. Now I shoot nothing but Tri-X and print my work on fiber paper, so no more of that nonsense.
Sounds like bad processing or abysmal storage, or both. My stuff has gotten no special storage, and I've usually lived in hot areas with no air conditioning. But the other day I found some negatives I took in July 1973 with a 126 Instamatic, and they look great. The prints look fine, too. Looks like ol' Fotomat did a good job, because I have some later 70's prints from some other company that are yellowed. I also have some negatives and prints from Lincoln Color Labs from 1974 that still look good.
In 1980-1982, my mother got lots of reprints from negatives taken from 1953 to 1959, and they came out nice and are still nice. I recently looked at the negatives, and they still look good, too. There might be some fading, but if it is it's not severe.