APIS 2013

Alternative Photographic International Symposium

October 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2013

At the Santa Fe Community College
6401 Richards Ave
Santa Fe, NM

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Road to Tetilla Peak, Santa Fe County, Near Cochiti Pueblo. Dick Sullivan 2013
Exploratory Gigapan Image for making enlarged negatives for alt photography.

APIS Program
Sponsored by Bostick & Sullivan Inc.

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The Program and Schedule

Thursday morning starts with registration and "5 prints in 5 minutes," and opportunity for participants to share their images with others.

Thursday afternoon there will be the traditional and very popular blind print exchange. Those wish to participate will bring a print that will be randomly exchanged with another person who brings one.

Thursday evening there will be a lecture at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Tipton Hall, by one of our 5 Mexican photographic presenters, Cristina Kahlo, who will lecture about her great grandfather Guillermo Kahlo who was well known Mexican photographer during the early 20th century. Guillermo's position as an influential figure in Mexican photography has been overshadowed by his having been the father of Frida Kahlo. Ms. Kahlo, a noted photographer in her own right, will enlighten us.

Following the lecture: A reception for the exhibition of photographs by our 5 guest Mexican photographers in the Marion Center at the University.

Friday and Saturday: Various speakers and topics


Jill Enfield -- Honored Photographer

Will show and discuss her work

She also will be giving a workshop on albumen printing

October 21, 22, 23.

Presenters -- Five Mexican Photographers

Byron Brauchli -- Five Mexican Photographers

Julio Galindo -- Five Mexican Photographers

Cristina Kahlo -- Five Mexican Photographers

Eric Jervaise -- Five mexican Photographers

Rafael Galvan -- Five Mexican Photographers

Each of our honored photographers from Mexico

will discuss and present their work. Mexico has a rich fine art photography tradition, these presenters are in the vanguard of the new renaissance of historic process photography in Mexico.

The Presenters Continued

Christina Anderson

Casein Printing -- If you like gum, wait till you see casein.

Art Kaplan

Conservation Scientist
Getty Conservation Institute

The fourth presentation by the Getty. Always wonderful.

Richard Puckett

Texas Chrysotype -- Solid gold printing, need we say more?

Madelyn Willis & Dick Sullivan

Oil Printing -- That's Maddy holding

Dick's cyanotype "Dreamy" a self portrait

Oil lost to Bromoil because negs got smaller. Big negs are back! Guess what?

Barret Oliver

Making Woodburytypes with Chuck Close.

Bob Kiss

The Uranotype -- Uranium prints were once fairly common. Not so much anymore. Bob will fill us in on the history and practice. Bob will present electronically from his home in the Bahamas.

APIS Special Events

Five Prints in Five Minutes

A unique and fun way to see each other's prints. Maddy wields her gong. She can count to five. She recently retired from teaching the second grade so she knows how to discipline a group of rowdies!

Blind Print Exchange

Bring an alt photographic print and randomly receive one in exchange. Jan Pietrzak runs the random generator. You takes your chances, but it is always fun.

Exhibit and Reception

Five Mexican Photographers

The Santa Fe University of Art and Design

Lecture by Cristina Kahlo on Guillermo Kahlo, noted early to mid 20th century Mexican photographer. See above for more details.


Jill Enfield -- Albumen printing

October 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 2013

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