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Bah. It's just a lens; it was originally assembled by normal human beings, so it stands to reason that one can repair it competently.
Now, if he'd been working on a truly special lens - like a Goerz Dagor - it really would take cojones (note sp.) And talent, and incredible skill, and superhuman and -natural powers, because these lenses are special. The person who designed them is special, the men who made them were special, and the photographers who use them are special, because they use them. And of course the photographs made with them are most special of all. Even the subjects which are photographed become special.

Stuff and nonsense. Eric Beltrando, who knew the man well, tells me that the last owner of Boyer (CEDIS-Boyer, then) glued Beryl lens groups by hand. Literally by hand, he held them in his hand, didn't use a v-block.

And remember,the Beryl is a Dagor clone. By Eric's calculations, a very good Dagor clone.