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not to be morbid, what happens when you die? Who is going to take over all that maintenance? How can you count on there being someone who is both interested and technically proficient enough to turn all of those digital files into something visible?how will they even know where to start? How can you trust but all of that gear what just get tossed into the bin?
Just spent three days at the state fair with a 4x5 Crown and flashbulbs. Ran into a nice fellow who good-naturedly teased me for using it. He said he gave up on film three years ago because "all I could do was 36 pictures at a time, so none of them were ever any good." The solution, he said, was to buy his new digital camera. He held it up for me to see.

Then he says, "Now I get almost all good pictures. In the last three years I've gotten over 17,000 (!!!) keepers."

"Wow. Do you back up your computer?"

"No. I've copied them all to CDs to save them."

"Where do you get your blank CDs?"

"Oh... At the grocery store. They don't cost very much..."

He was very earnest. His two teenage girls were very cute. He was very proud. I didn't have the heart to tell him anything more about grocery store CDs. I probably should have, but I just couldn't do it.


(In another thread I mentioned the phenomenon of computer digitalization and virtualization debasing real life. I got beat up for it pretty good. This would be a poignant example of that very debasement.)

(Someday this fellow will be on his death bed. When his two adult daughters come to comfort him by reminiscing about how he used to take them to the state fair as teenagers, what will have become of those 17,000 pictures they could have looked at together?)

(Damn it. Looking back, I should have said something...)