Here's an update, as requested by a member via PM:

1. Paper size, brand, and type.

Ilford MGIV RC Deluxe Pearl

2. The developer brand and dilution.

Artists Premium Paper Developer 1:9 at approx. 78 F

3. The filter used.

None - I have two blue filters, but didn't know what they were for so I didn't use them.

4. Exposure time and lens aperture.

30-40 sec at f8

5. Enlarger and light source. For example, Bogen T35 with condenser head (which is the kind you have, except that you didn’t specify a condenser head, which it likely is).

I assume it is a condenser head - how do you tell the difference?

Thanks for all the help so far! I'm going to try to track down copies of "The Negative" and "The Print"...