Part of the dilemna is Kodak sells into too many disparate markets, the bulk of their sales of film (colour) paper and chemistry (outside of the movie industry) goes to minilabs (often Kodak Express) and the few larger labs left around the world. Here they are selling a package from start to finish, the minilabs themselves and all the consumables and it's a reasonably constant market with its seasonal peaks.

The issue is the Photostores, I can think of many with minilabs but usually Fuji, Noritsu, and older Agfa and Konica machines, and Fuji have a large share of this market. Kodak have very little to sell via these stores so they seem to be neglected by their sales force (distributors).

I was actually quite surprised to find Kodak B&W films almost impossible to find in some capital cities and even more astonished that there was plenty of Foma film & paper everywhere, as were Ilfords full range.

What we don't ever hear is how Kodak's sales of film products has changed around the world but from my practical experiences they seem to have largely retreated into their home markets.