I have several cameras (35mm and 120 roll film) that I use simultaneously. Sometimes I pick a camera to use again, to find it is still loaded with a film half used I forgot about. Recently I used an old camera after 7 years that was still loaded (24 shots out of 36). I finished the film and hat no problems at all. It even had an old image of my daughter from 7 years ago (nice surprise).
I also often keep 120 roll film in my old cameras like Agfa Clack and Gevabox (converted into pinhole cameras) for several months without any problems.

The only thing I'm concerned about is putting a small piece of tape over the red counter window of a 120 roll film camera. If it isn't covered, you might expose the number from the backing paper unto the film in several weeks - or even days in bright sunlight (especially with Holga). The red window isn't always of a decent "red filter quality".