Further card comments from the ones that have been piling up in my 'mail to be processed' pile.

Box Brownie
- Merry Go Round. Poingnant capture of a simpler time of our past amusements. Nice and sharp, good dof, and local contrast. The framing at the top of the image being partially cut off it a tad distracting.

DRP Sliver - Reflection. The delightful distortions of the glass like fore shore thry the reeds is almost like a fine art pencll sketch. Very well executed.

Top Hat - A nice RA-4 print that uses the yellowed highlights of this out dated paper to advantage, pairing well with with the strong greeen grass that predominates the scene. The skillful placement of the top hat in the frame makes it anything but banal, and the story of the hat makes the image stronger.

- Baltimore Fountain. A delightful street scene of a hot days case of urban frivolity indulged while cooling off. The lady holding up her dress as she wades captures the feeling best for me.

Oxley Road - Steam. A great capture of a scene of industrial elements of the past. I too get out every few years to see a big steam engine on its annual historic run, down at the Hamilton water works.

OzPhoto- Stonehenge - Wow. What a great panoramic RA-4 print - really makes you feel you are in a special place. No sign of the hand of modern man anywhere in the image other than the shorn grass. Fantastic clouds, and the bird perched on one of the edges of one stone makes it all that beter.

My card printing effort for R29 is stalled at the moment. The envelopes are all addresses, and the stamps bought, but no printing so far.

I have taken the past few months (when my time has not otheriwse been spoken for by others) up entirely with building shed in my back yard. We have a single car garage that my wife parks her car in regualrly. It is otherwise stuffed with garden implements, snow shovel and sleds, christmas and halloween decorations, home maintenance building supplies and tools, etc, as well as camping supplies and a canoe all tucked into the rafters and in shelves beside and in front of where the car parks.

I have grown tired of being the contortionist to get stuff at ground level out whlie the car is in there, and am loath to move the car out, then in again for easy access to things like rakes and hoes.

So now I am almost finished a 100 square foot with 8' ceiling shed. It has fully insulated walls, floor and ceiling and is now weather tight. I am presently digging power supply and communcation conduits the 80' to reach to the house, with an eye to making a bit of a studio of it to get out of the house to contemplate, and also to set the stage towards deploying a hot tub spa next to it in a few years. The ground is very dry presently, so the digging is comaratively easy, though in truth digging consolidated clay is not easy digging. About 40' left to ga, and I seem to get about 8' per night while taking care to not sever all tree roots I come across for a large tree that shades the house.

I will get the due round 29 cards out, but as you see 'life' is in the way at the moment. I have done all rounds from 14-28 well. I am not signing on to round 30 unless all is in order before the sign on cut off date.