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Yes. When I had a Peugeot 504 I found that if I drank good Armagnac and swore at it en Francais it was much easier to work on.
504? My wife had one when we married. After she moved up to NJ it was looked after by our local Peugeot dealership, whose owner was a venturesome Hollander. Very competent shop. I showed them a Scimitar coupe shop manual and they agreed to work on mine when I didn't think I could do the necessary well enoughl. Used them for head gaskets (I supplied the parts), overdrive replacement (ditto, NOS unit mailed from the UK, very inexpensive) and clutch slave cylinder replacement.

When the 504 got old herself wanted to replace it with a 505. We're both glad that I convinced her an Accord would do.

More about Boyer. Their QC was quite stringent, as would be expected from a Leitz subcontractor (lens elements, not complete lenses).