I saw this the other day and read through their site. Fun and funky I dig it, but really for the lomo aesthetic, plastic lens with a decent amount of blur so the pixels dont show up. interesting paper size by ilford too. I think something like this would be ripe for simple mods as well, like putting a regular lamp head on it for negatives. Color phone screens could be used to adjust contrast grades, maybe even selectively color in areas using the touch screen, and expose in one shot to get localized variable contrast without dodge/burn/masks.

Ive done some experimental contact printing from my phone screen awhile ago. I did it with selecting an image, setting the brightness way down, putting a black sheet of paper under the screen, and then the black and white photo paper under that paper. Pull out the black sheet from under the screen, expose, and click off the phone screen but the power button. Didnt get the detail I thought it might make (maybe because of my phone case), but interesting for photograms though.