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Kodak B&W paper products have been toast for a while now. I hate to say it but I doubt this is Kodak's doing and more AU approach to the film business.

Well, maybe not. How is it the "AU approach to film business"? Nobody quite knows where, or if there is a Kodak in Australia. For their information, film hasn't died, only Kodak (in name at least, subject to a date of resurrection and visible presence). There is a Ilford. And there is FOMA, and they're doing a brisk trade, and why not? Readily available, acccessible, very good quality, a lot of positive user reviews brings repeat business. I do however, have a major problem understanding the approach of retailers to film. Elsewhere here on APUG I have voiced concerns about the pricing of film. Nobody seems to complain about Kodak's film ... because they cannot find Kodak film!