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I just recently bought some sheet film - 4x5 HP5+ in the 100 sheet box, here in the US, from B&H. The price did seem quite a bit higher than my mental image of what the film costs (over $1.20 per sheet), I am not sure if there has been a recent price increase, or if I just haven't been paying attention over the past few years. Either way, I do not begrudge Ilford charging a fair price for their film so long as it supports a business model which will allow them to continue offering the film for as long as I want to shoot it.

FWIW, I also bought some Velvia - that costs $3.50 per sheet, and the chemicals to process it cost me another $2.00 per sheet so it is over $5.00 each time I trip the shutter to get a poorly exposed transparancy . Both the chemicals and the film seemed to be a lot less expensive just a few years ago.
BTW: How are the chemicals costing you 2$/sheet? There's 4*4x5 per 8x10 =~ 1 135 roll. Tetenal E6 1L costs 65$ (12-16 rolls), 5L costs 100$ (60-80 rolls). the 1L kit should do it for about 1$/sheet. The 5L kit should do it for ~0.30$/sheet.