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It's possible that because some of the smaller stores aren't ordering in large quantities, Kodak don't see them as worth their time - Stephen mentioned earlier that they didn't want to create an account for him, simply because he wasn't ordering enough.
This is factually Incorrect! Kodak Australia didn't want to give me an account for 2 reasons

The First being that I was a 23 year old who had just built his own analog pro lab and they didn't have confidence in the idea of me not offering digital services.
I would like to point out their misjudgement because 8 years later I'm still here and have seen many labs in my area which they did support fall.

Second I would like to point out that they wanted to know my personal wealth. Something I don't see as being any of their business.

I was one of the largest consumers of Kodaks E-6 and C-41 chemistry in the country but have switched to Fuji Hunt and I' m still one of the biggest consumers of Kodak Black and white chemistry.

In terms of their paper stocks being a hand printer of course its harder to use as much volume as digital pro labs however there was never an issue of me meeting their minimum order quantities or values.