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It's funny how the RB67 has such a lure for so many people that they keep coming back to it. I wonder of this is the same with other MF brands such as the Hasselblad 500/501 series. I took my new to me RB67 out yesterday. It is a pleasure to use. I had forgotten how heavy it is. I will just have to plan when and where to use it.
Easy to understand given its virtues. I've never owned one, or even SEEN one IRL, but I'm often tempted to get one but suspect/fear I'd use my 4x5 a lot less if I did. Big negative, rotating back, no sheet film hassles - for shots off a tripod which don't demand movements and prints no larger than, say, 20x24, it gives up so little to large format with modern films as to sorely tempt me to escape the hassles of sheet film. Even the zone system is easily accommodated. One back for N, one for N-1.5 or so and one for N+1.5. Combined with modern VC paper that's all I'm likely to ever need.

Tempting, but I do love using the view camera.