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BTW: How are the chemicals costing you 2$/sheet? There's 4*4x5 per 8x10 =~ 1 135 roll. Tetenal E6 1L costs 65$ (12-16 rolls), 5L costs 100$ (60-80 rolls). the 1L kit should do it for about 1$/sheet. The 5L kit should do it for ~0.30$/sheet.
I use the Jobo 2509 reel in a tank - the reel holds 6 sheets, and the tank takes 270ml, which means that I get three batches = 18 sheets from a 1L kit, so for the 1L kit, using the chemicals one-shot, I get 18 sheets for $65 = $3.61 per sheet. If I use the 5L kit, then I get 18 tank fulls = 108 sheets, so it does bring the cost down to ~$1 per sheet. There is also a bit of savings if I process 12 sheets at a time in the bigger Jobo tank - I don't remember exactly how much of the chemical that takes, but it is less than 2X the amount for one reel. In the end, with the fact that I don't always manage to come back from a shooting trip with an even multiple of 6 sheets, I end up spending ~$2 per sheet for processing my E-6 sheet film. It is still less expensive than going to a lab, and I prefer the control that it gives me, so I'm not really complaining, just making an observation. Sure the cost of the Ilford materials has gone up, but it is still cheap compared to color - HP5 is costing me about $1 per sheet, and Ilfotec HC is almost free, so even with the price increases from Ilford, it is a good bargain, and I am more confident that I will be continuing to shoot HP5 into my dotage than Velvia or Ektachrome.