It sounds like your technique is wrong. You should never put the solder to the iron (except to wet the iron), so you should never be in a position to have blobs of solder on the iron. Put the iron to the two parts to be soldered, then touch the solder wire to the parts (not the iron). Once the solder flows it should coat the two parts. Remove the iron and it should be a good solder joint. Wipe the extra solder off on a wet sponge or solder cleaning wire coil. Then apply a bit of solder to rewet the iron before putting it away.

Also, my guess is you need a better iron. I had one of those low powered non adjustable irons and it was very difficult to use since it couldn't heat up the wires and components fast enough. I replaced it with an adjustable Weller and then a thermostatically controlled Hakko. Both were a vast improvement, but the Hakko is really nice and well worth the bucks if you are going to solder frequently.