I find myself with some extra free time and a winter is just around the corner. So I'm gathering up some stuff to sell.

I'm sharing a table at www.bargaincamerashows.com this Sunday in Pasadena with Daniel Stone.

See my other tread for the LF lenses, I also have a Kodak Comm. Ektar 12" and maybe a few others.

2 Hasselblad cameras I didn't realize I had. One with 100mm lens the other 50mm.

I have some 8x10 expired film I might part with (TP, TMX) 50sheet box or 2 of each, let me know if you are interested.

Who knows what else I will find, come by the show and check it out! Bring cash and a smile.

What I don't sell at the show I'll list here later.

Hope to see you at the show!