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I use the Jobo 2509 reel in a tank - the reel holds 6 sheets, and the tank takes 270ml, which means that I get three batches = 18 sheets from a 1L kit, so for the 1L kit, using the chemicals one-shot, I get 18 sheets for $65 = $3.61 per sheet. If I use the 5L kit, then I get 18 tank fulls = 108 sheets, so it does bring the cost down to ~$1 per sheet.
Are you not recycling any of the chemicals back into the main storage tank? The tetenal 1L kit is suitable for recycling of chems up to a certain point. That's of course how the 1L kit is able to do 12-16 135 rolls. If I were you I'd really look at reusing the chems after dumping back into the tank for atleast twice the sheets you're doing now.