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Are you not recycling any of the chemicals back into the main storage tank? The tetenal 1L kit is suitable for recycling of chems up to a certain point. That's of course how the 1L kit is able to do 12-16 135 rolls. If I were you I'd really look at reusing the chems after dumping back into the tank for atleast twice the sheets you're doing now.
I probably could use the chemicals more than one shot, but I know that I get reproducible results doing what I am doing, and I am willing to pay a little extra for that. By far the largest 'cost' for this hobby is my time, not the film or the chemicals. Most of what I shoot and process is B&W where the chemical cost is essentially 0. I made the comment about colour film to point out that even with the recent price increases, ilford B&W film is good value for money - especially when you factor in that they look like they have a plan which will allow them to continue supporting me with materials for years to come.