Having to replace the F3P that is too expensive to repair.

Black Nikon F eyelevel body. "Apollo" version. P screen installed. Motor drive ready. In fact, comes with a working F-36 motor drive. Also comes with F2 style eyecup (accepts diopters, threaded into eyecup ring), brown leather FB-7 compartment case, BC-7 flash unit in box, about 15 miscellaneous flash bulbs, a Gossen Luna-Pro that needs a recalibration job, and manuals for the camera and motor drive.

Cosmetically, the camera does have some wear, but nothing major, except for a ding on the back corner of the rewind side top cover. Minor brassing. Front of prism has a couple minor impressions. Internally, there is a separation line, but it's still useable. Grip on cordless battery pack is missing screw that presses against body - didn't like the indentation that the plastic tip winds up making in the leatherette on a Nikon F. Isn't really needed. FB-7 case shows some wear and has a zipper that should be repaired. It still zips open and closed, but is coming loose from the lid. Inside of the case is nice and still has all of its red velvet. Spacer block is still present for use with non-motorized Nikon bodies in the second body compartment slot. BC-7 flash unit has clean battery compartment and looks very clean for a 44 year old flash unit. Leather case is intact and nice looking. Box has some minor wear, but is intact. Luna-Pro comes with its case and strap. Looks good, but as mentioned above, needs recalibration.

Mechanically, the F body works fine. All shutter speeds sound good, exposures are properly exposed, etc. Mirror lockup works fine, as does self-timer. X-sync works properly. Motor drive works fine, except that the battery pack does tend to get warm if batteries are left in it when the camera is not in use. Flash is untested, since I've yet to get an Eveready #504 battery to use with it.

Will be taking photos tonight of everything to post up.

$450, plus shipping for everything.