Okay, now we shift from the night (previous MSA) to the light of day. Recently I was reading some text about photography and encountered the usual statements about the best light occurring in the early and late hours of the day. True, but... screw that. Our next MSA is "High Noon". (Also inspired by my recent viewing of the classic, original version of "3:10 To Yuma" - a very "High Noon"-ish Western in some regards. And one of the most strikingly photographed Westerns, ever. Check out the recent BluRay release from Criterion).

Please create new pictures, shot between 12 noon and 1 pm (or as close as possible... honor system in effect here, of course.) in your locale. Isolate interesting patterns created by the noon-day light and architecture, perhaps purposely exploit characteristics usually associated with harsh ("bad") overhead lighting (deeply shadowed faces and such), whatever. (And, for the conceptually minded... if you can come up with a photograph that somehow conveys the plot points of the famous "High Noon" movie - a lone hero, up against impossible odds, deserted by all the other townsfolk, except the loving companion - without being too literal in the interpretation - well, step right up, partner!)

Color or monochrome is fine, doesn't matter.

Preferably, please post your entries (one or multiple okay) in the MSA Gallery.

Have fun!