Dank je wel Bert. Within the EU itīs more or less plain sailing. But the EØS/EES/EFTA agreement is a bit different. We are only partly part of the open market. All our goods however get taxed, the more processed they are, the more the tax. Which is why Denmark smokes all our Salmon, we canīt afford to do it ourselves, as it would mean we would have to pay import duties through our teeth to the EU. Sad fact.

Foma is a Czech. So how the main European distributor ended up in Norway is a bit of mystery. Until you find out he is a ex-pat Czech. He lives just 20 km from me. I keep reminding myself I should use more Foma products. I will too, if not until I have my darkroom up and running. Foma papers are good.

Another good bet is http://www.scandinavianphoto.se/ I used to shop from them until I found a Norwegian alternative.