my photo mojo seems to be missing. I decided I was going to go out for the day and shoot a few weekends ago. got up in the morning, had a cup of coffee and sat down to think of where I could go. Nothing came to mind. every place i thought about came, I came up with ideas about why I shouldnt go there. and I could not come up with a new idea. well, I did have some new ideas, but shot them down. To far to drive, not good lighting or some other excuse. I spend a few hours a week thinking of places to go, things to try..... nothing. I did sign up for an advanced B&W class at the local junior college (who has a real amazing film/photography department) to force me back into things.

so how do i change things up? I told myself i was going to try a new B&W developer, so i needed to shoot some rolls to try it out. Nothing interesting on the rolls. maybe one keeper out of 60+ shots. bland photos. pix an ass like me would normally criticize as being taken by a digital shooter chimping. can you say hypocrite?

what to do? can i see the photography shrink?