Part of the fun of photography is that it helps you find beauty you would not have noticed if you didn't make the effort. I live essentially in a postcard; the coast of Maine, but I don't look for postcard photos. Tired of that long ago. I just go for walks with my camera, and not to hunt beauty, but with the idea that beauty is everywhere, and I need to find the composition or combination that shows it well in silver.

If you don't think the lighting is right, it should only be be known because you've already been there every hour of the day at one time or another, otherwise it's an excuse. Even if the lighting is wrong, you can still scout things out or discover subjects you weren't thinking about. I don't spend time thinking up places to go. I've got five stomping grounds I'm game for visiting anytime, all just minutes from home. I've been to each of them a dozen or more times or perhaps hundreds, but still find something worthy of some film. Essentially, think of Thoreau. He couldn't travel far without cars or planes. He went on simple walks or staycation adventures regularly and continually managed to absorb amazement from the surroundings. He used a pen, we use cameras. Read his very short walking book for some inspiration.

As a photographer, on LFPF, jcoldslabs claims to never venture more than a mile or two from his urban home and is always covering new ground creatively.

I went to San Jose last year and had a great time along the coast after a short drive west to Santa Cruz. Very nice photography. The rolling hill farmland south and west of San Jose was quite inspiring as well. I didn't have a chance to see what was east of the city. I spent half a day at point lobos but could easily spend weeks.