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And also don't forget "Galen Rowell" type Neutral Density Graduated Filters which can hold back the highlights (if they can be divided on a soft or hard line such as a skyline in a landscape).

An added benefit of these is you can probably get away with using them on US and California Land without a permit (because if you bring scrims, reflectors and flash, you might attract unwanted attention).
I don't have the kit for grads, but do have a 10 stop variable ND, but that won't help. Using my 40 inch reflector and remote cable release, I should be able to get something nice. With my small reflector, detail shots are easy. I just have to remember to bring them!

Where I'll be shooting, at the Hermiatge and New Residenz in Bayreuth, should pose no problem. I'd like to get some changing leaves in the walk way at the Hermitage. The trees seem almost woven together overhead, and with the colors that come about halfway through the changeover, some dramatic scenes can be brought to life. The hard part will be getting the lake at the New Residenz, as it's extremely dark in parts and overly bright in others. Knowing this and that no controls beyond what I actually have at hand, means I can consider my output and match my shooting to that. A bonus is the ducks. Bring along some cookies or bread, and an army of nearly 100 ducks will converge on the pond and add some life, a detail that brings feeling to the pic.

Thanks for the tip on the grads. I do have to get a kit together for the filters. Right now, I'm using Heliopan circulars fit to my largest lens and adapters to use them on the smaller lenses.