I'd say things come and go. First, don't stew over it or beat yourself up about it -- it's supposed to be fun!

Second, keep open eyes and mind as you travel through your daily routine with or without a camera. Several months back I was driving through a neighboring town on a mundane mission when I just happened to glance up and note morning light really enhancing the appearance of a turret on a probably century old house. I made a note of it, and it admittedly took a while, but I eventually went back and took shots looking up at several such roof lines -- now my "Towers and Turrets" series! Three of them are currently hanging in a juried show and I have noted more candidates in other nearby towns. (Only problem is to avoid running into something whilst driving around looking at rooftops! )

Third, try a radical departure from your usual, whatever that may be. Usually photograph neat old buildings? Move in and shoot macros of old locks, bricks or door hinges. Like flowers -- do a closeup study on leaves. Usually do portraits -- shoot some old rusty cars or railroad rolling stock. In short, stir up the pot a little.

No charge for this distillation of 72 years accumulated dubious wisdom.