Sad day...

I need to sell my Leica M3 Single Stroke (serial number 1,109,387)

Camera won't find it's way into any museums, but is a nice user.

Shutter seems to work perfectly. Viewfinder is nice and bright and focuses great. Two dents... one small one on the corner next to the film winder. The other is larger and near the film counter. See pictures. It also was engraved by it's former owner on the back of the bottom plate. Easily replaceable.

Comes with 2 (two) 5cm Collapsible Summicron f2 lenses.
1st one has pretty good glass. Some cleaning marks on front coating. Also some internal dust. Aperture ring is a bit stiff, but turnable. I would CLA this lens if I had the resources. Comes with front cap. Takes great pics (see following post)
2nd one has a completely miserable front element... a soft focus special!!! very scratched. Aperture is VERY stiff on this one. Rest of the glass looks good. No caps

Also comes with a 9cm Elmar f4 that is in great condition. Glass looks really good.

I will also throw in a Kodak Lens hood and adapter that presses on the outside of the leica lenses.

$1300 + $20 shipping in the continental United States. it's located in North San Diego County if anybody wants to do a person-person transaction.

See all pics here... ( )