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I'm always amused and irritated at the noise added to the flash exposures of any sort on current TV programs. I've shot hundreds of flash bulbs and I don't recall any sound over the tiny click of the leaf shutter. And my various electronic flashes are essentially silent.

"Too bad I sold my Ernemann folding camera from 1926 with an Ernostar 1.8/85mm lens. Would have been a nice prop." Wow! I've only seen pictures of these semi-mythical beasts. I did find this DieselPunk web site dealing with the Ermanox camera: http://www.dieselpunks.org/profiles/...era-16-ermanox and Dr Erich Salomon who used the camera to good effect. Sadly he was killed by the Nazis.
My mom's Kodak box brownie that used 620 film and, I think, 25(B) flashbulbs often made a sound. I always thought it was the fusing of the plastic coating on the outside of the bulb. That's what gave you that great flashbulb smell. Don't you miss it, eh?