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My mom's Kodak box brownie that used 620 film and, I think, 25(B) flashbulbs often made a sound. I always thought it was the fusing of the plastic coating on the outside of the bulb. That's what gave you that great flashbulb smell. Don't you miss it, eh?
No! I don't miss it, because I was smelling it only five days ago. Sylvania Press 25 bulbs in a 4x5 Crown w/Graflite. At the local state fair. In fact, I was trying to pass on the olfactory experience to a new young photographer.

Went to purchase a soda at a food stand. Was helped by a 19-year-old young lady who took an immediate interest in the camera. Gave her the long story about it. (I also have a short version when appropriate.) She was a photo enthusiast from that other side of the photographic world, but was head-over-heels amazed at this beautiful old handheld bellows camera.

As part of that long story I told her about the sounds and smells of flashbulbs. The tinkling sound of molten metal cracking glass and the sort-of-like-hot-caramel smell of the melted plastic safety coatings. "Take my picture!" she said. So I did, in front of a crowd of very curious onlookers.

Then I immediately moved the reflector lamp up close and said "Smell that? You'll probably never get another chance." As soon as it cooled a bit I said "Hold out your hands" and popped the used flashbulb into them as a souvenir. She was thrilled.

Here's that photograph...