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I have many cheap-minilab processed color negatives from the 1980s and 90s that are so faded and color shifted it took a lot of work to correct them after scanning. Stuff from the pre minilab days is all great.

Anything I ever had done by Kodak labs is still absolutely beautiful - especially the prints.

I want to keep both the original film and the scans for double insurance. It is unlikely I will ever optically print color snapshots but there could be better scanning options in the future.

I have read of people that scan all their old negatives and slides and then throw the originals all away, believing they will never need them again.
I think you're wise to handle storage in that way. The digital industry has often insisted or at least implied that digital pixels are forever but we know better. In my view, they need to be originally and properly stored, copied and stored again to make sure they don't deteriorate, checked later and possibly restored once more. I have Kodachrome images that were stored in archival conditions and not exposed to projector lamp light. Those images on a light table still look excellent. E-6, so so. C-41, just fine. Digital? My wife's Nikon Coolpix suggests nay nay
even though they're less than 5 years old.