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Assuming the inner part is still working well;
Get some heat shrink tubing from Radio Shack or the electrical supply section of a hardware store or home center. You will want something just big enough to slip over the small end. Trim back the frayed portion of the fabric.
A heat gun works best for shrinking it, but holding it over a stove burner works too, don't get it too close and keep rotating it until the tubing is tight.
I thought of heat shrink, but the problem is the torn material was putting tension on the inner tube spring (if that's what you call it) which needs to be held together as it's repaired. This requirement doesn't go well with heat guns or stove burners. I was thinking some kind of tape might do it but I don't know if there's anything on the market that will hold.

As to why I don't just buy a new one, I'm certainly going to, probably a couple, but they'll have to be ordered in and what do I do in the mean time? This is the second time this has happened to me in less than a month so chances are good that I'll be in this situation again.

- Joe