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I like your assignment, Martin. Our fall rains have started already, but there should be some more sunny days. I'll do my best. Or maybe a noon photo from a gray and overcast day?

Here's a high noon shot from a number of years ago. A long time favorite of mine.

Hey, Sly, I like your linked picture!
You know, it occurred to me that this assignment might be viewed a bit differently by people in various parts of the world who may already be entering a season less conducive to the types of imagery usually associated with the "high noon" idea (i.e., bright, harsh, overhead light). But, perhaps this will lead to some even more interesting interpretations. In any case, everywhere in the world the clock reaches 12 noon at some point in our earth's rotation... let's see what we can see (and photograph)!

It's evident you have a good eye. I look forward to your submission(s)!