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... I'm getting prints the same look as Ciba much more easily now by using Ektar film and printing it on Fuji Supergloss. Masking is needed only about 30% of the time. With Ciba it's 100% of the
time. Plus Ektar gives you about one stop more range each direction than Provia. You can get even more latitude with more typical color neg films like Portra 160, but you sacrifice to a considerable extent the clean saturated hues typical of chrome films or now Ektar (Porta is basically engineered as portrait film first, other things second)... Printing color neg in your own darkroom
is much easier than printing Cibachrome.
Thanks for the comment. I haven't even begun to look at masking, and wouldn't know the first thing about doing it. I would imagine, based on the work I've had done, and my conversations with the lab, that they know. The tech who does all their B&W printing has been doing it for 20+ years. When I was asking him about it, he said the Ciba tech is one of the best he's seen.

I've gotten some really nice photos with Portra, but as you said, they were portraits and the saturation wasn't there for the look I want in my landscapes. When the photos included outside elements, they seem to lack something. I have a box of Ektar for 4x5 I plan to use for autumn shots, I've been hanging on to it for a couple months just for this time. The shots I've had with it in 35mm have been quite nice, so I'm excited to see it large!

Part of the draw of slides, for me, is as you said the clean saturated look, that feeling of reality in your hands. Another part is, learning something new, and mastering it to the best of my abilty. It's part of my learning and travel through photography. As for developing color films and printing in color at home, I can't do that right now. That will have to come later, when more space is available to allow for proper process control. For my B&W work, it's enough. That time will come, then I'll have something new to work on.

Thanks for the information and the encouragement regarding Ektar.