From what I have seen, heard and researched I have come to this understanding. Listed from most favorable option to least.

Pentax Digital Spot meter. One trick pony but super accurate, dead simple and very sturdy.
Sekonic spot/incident. Slightly more expensive, but a very large list of applications and functions.
indecent only.
iPhone app.

At the moment I'm using only a Sekonic 308s (incident only) I will take a reading of the light falling on my foreground knowing the meter will be giving me exposure settings for middle grey (Zone 5) I will then view the scene, decide what zone my foreground should be and adjust + or - x amount of stops accordingly. In high contrast scenes I will use my iPhone app to measure the highlights to see if I'm still within the acceptable range of the film im using. It's not super accurate, but its better than nothing.

All that to say, a spot meter is defiantly on my list.

You can also rent a Sekonic to try it out from a rental house near by or if your in a more remote local.