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I'm always amused and irritated at the noise added to the flash exposures of any sort on current TV programs. I've shot hundreds of flash bulbs and I don't recall any sound over the tiny click of the leaf shutter. And my various electronic flashes are essentially silent.
FWIW and speaking as a sound editor for most of my career the likelihood of authenticity when the visual is as strong as a flash of any type is remote. I can--in my mind's ear--hear a Phoooof! as I think of it. One of the tasks of the sound editor is to present, at the very least one option for the director's or producer's selection at the sound mix. Mixing stage time is expensive and arguing the authenticity toss during the mix won't get you the next gig in a hurry especially if the mix is delayed while the editor rushes off to fix the missing FX. Film. like photography sometimes, is an art. Authentic documentaries, fine. Atmosphere and drama in fictional film, indispensable. As you may imagine whatever is in the visual is often not what is heard in the track, the real prop just doesn't make the right sound on most occasions or the real prop isn't real: many a monster's cry has a close relationship to a distorted pig, and dry ice and a knife make interesting sounds. A gun fired can require half a dozen separate sound elements.

Doco = authentic Fiction = art & deception