You don't need an expensive spot meter. Years ago I went out shooting w/ a LF photographer w/ a 4x5 camera I was experimenting with. We had our cameras loaded w/ the same color slide film, and that's pretty fussy about exposures. He pulled his super expensive Sinar w/ Nikon lens out and metered w/ an expensive spot meter (after making a lot of complicated readings). I set up my cheapo Crown Graphic w/ Kodak Ektar lens and looked at the scene, metered an appropriate bit of ground nearby w/ my $30 Sekonic reflective hand held meter, and came up w/ exactly the same readings. Ansel Adams once mentioned the same thing. After making all of his fussy zone calculations once while out w/ Edward Weston, Weston stood a while looking at things, turned here and there making a couple of quick readings, and came up w/ the same reading.

What really hacked my friend was when we got the negs back from the lab. He couldn't tell his from mine, even though there was probably a couple of thousand dollars difference in the prices of our gear. I gave up on LF after that outing (just too slow and heavy for me), but those 4x5 transparencies were a sight to behold on a light table.