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Even if digital longevity storage wasn't an issue, I still couldn't overcome the whole digital process: digging into folders, open windows/folders, browsing through the thumbnails, naming/renaming files. WTF???

I'm sorry but they aren't photographs and that isn't photography. It's Fileographs and Fileography. Drives me insane.

Anyone read their "newspapers" on their iphone? Is there something more inhuman then that? The noise of the newspaper, the feel in hand, the obligatory posture, the smell! The swears while trying to find an article, the sheet that won't stay steady, the folding, the pitching it on the table. Reading the news? Quite a secondary experience next to the senses' overload of what a physical newspaper brings as a whole experience. iPhone? Meh.

File-O-Graphy. Garbage-O-graphy. All the same. Has nothing to do with real photography, even if storage wasn't an issue.

You do have a point; I have never been a fan of computers (even though I have taught Mac and Windows!), but they are part of life for millions of people, if not for you. I have seen older people struggle to understand what the computer is doing (nothing: just displaying the desktop!...). I've seen 4 year olds typing in MS Word and saving to "My life story". The world does have a choice. I read newspapers. I also read them on a Galaxy Note when travelling. I have both digital and paper-based faxes. I have analogue cameras and digital, and know what is best for each and when and why.

Everybody knows that a digi image is nothing physical or tactile in that form. But it can be made so: you can print it.
But there's more: what does a digital image become when it is converted to film?