My new HP computer, 5 months old, hard drive died. I had nothing backed up, always had ever intention of doing it. I have a very small understanding of all things digital, I know how to use my digital camera to produce decent photos but have no clue how this is done. Several years ago I bought a external hard drive to back up photos, still have it, but it failed. Also never realized that all CD's were not created equal.

My photos, 35mm slides and prints plus Polaroid photos from my tour of Nam in 68 and 69 most still look great. In my years of wandering they were not always stored under ideal conditions. The photos and slides have been stored in various shoebox's over the years. So what does this mean, which is better? For me it would seem that I am better of with my film due to my lack of knowledge of all thing digital. At least I now store all negatives in sleeves in ring binders.