Thanks guys! You know I always appreciate the support for my various (two at this point) projects. Oh, plus the camera leather kits. I still have some of those left and I'm about to lower the price yet again.

About the multimeter, if you find one of the old style with a needle, it can be a good thing to have and at some point it will probably save you some money and allow you to perform some home repair magic. Those old meters are terrific for checking capacitors. You can tell in an instant if they're working or not. If your air or heating fan goes out or if a motor in your clothes dryer or washing machine stops working, it is a wise idea to check the capacitor first. The weakest link and the thing that will frequently cause an AC motor to stop working is either the start capacitor or the run capacitor. Many motors will only use a run capacitor. This is also one of the things that stops your airconditioning compressor from working, too. The start capacitor is like a large bucket of electricity that is fed in one quick dose to your compressor motor to make it start working. Think of it like a Drill Sergeant with big shoe that kicks your tail out of bed. The run capacitor keeps the magnetic fields rotating so the armature will spin. Rather than purchase a new motor or call a serviceman, you might have your motor working fine again with a new capacitor (which will generally cost you $10 or less for a run cap or between $20 and $100 for a start cap...depending on the type of application, voltage, etc). If anyone wants more of an explanation about this, please let me know.