Another little, highly un-scientific tid bit from me.

I took a 24mm lens today and walked around using it as my sole means of seeing (through a camera). Every once and again I'd stop in front of something and look wihtout the aid of the camera, and reaction was without exception "WHOA!!! That thing is SO close!!!"
Did the same with a 80-200 zoom and a 50mm. To make the long story short, for some reason, the 50 seemed to give me fewest surprises when I lowered the camera to have a "human perspective" look for comparison. Things seemed most "the way I expected".
I have to concede, I don't think this has anything with "field of view", and more with how much info we are able to process at once - which looking strictly through a camera forces one to do.
Just my observation - my eyes may be weird. Or I may be most accustomed to a 50mm lens - I don't claim that these "findings" are in any way absolute