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my photo mojo seems to be missing.
Mojo defined: a magic spell, hex, or charm.

Don't rely on magic in this case. This takes me back to one of several AA workshops, in which an assistant (Al Weber) conducted a group discussion by asking "Why do you photograph?" I was caught with my mouth hanging open, without having really thought about it. Don't know if this applies in your case, but many are caught up in GAS and if they ever get to the point where they've "got enough gear" they may be stumped by "what to do with it all." Others are satisfied with just messing with processes, that's okay too. But in the end it becomes a question of "are you satisfied with your results?" And if a photographer doesn't have a clear goal in mind for results, (s)he can feel a little lost. And I think this is what Al was driving at. Years later I read that a person who is successful (meaning goals achieved) (s)he knows the WHY, not just the HOW. I'm not preaching (not qualified), just hope this may help.