When I read about you guys with your RB67 Pro S's, it is like rubbing salt into a wound. I had two RB's at one time, and had to sell them to pay the bills. Later I bought a Nikon DSLR to use for stock photography. If you think taking a picture with a camera that has 20 different options is fun, well then run down to your digital store and buy one. The thing that really bugged me was that after I had made the decision to sell the camera after the last roll was done, I took it to the camera store to be developed and when I got it back the guy handed it to me with it on a roll and the film was not cut or printed. I told him I didn't want just developing, but then I saw the price...$3.00. That was a big difference from the $8-$9 I was paying. I put the film in my scanner and examined the shots. I had taken pics of my sister. The detail was out of this world compared to 35mm. I don't know if I will ever get another RB, or go to large format. The weight never was much of a problem with me as I always used a tripod. Perhaps the day will come when I will get another. The thing I liked is that the viewing with the WL viewer was like watching a TV. At 61 year old, that helps a lot with these eyes. Ric.