Pardon for my bringing this thread up before the eyes of the disinterested. OK, today's experiment in shooting the side of my log house in the late afternoon after some tree shadowing had already set in because of the early autumn sun. Not the optimal conditions, but I squeezed it in anyway. A 12 inch uncoated in a Betax #4 set at 1/5 tested as accurate, and about f/24. Film speed on a known-accurate Luna Pro was rated at ASA 20 with a K2 filter on the lens. Film developed 6 minutes, 70-72 degrees in D-76 1 :3. Henceforth, a K2 will be a permanent installation for this Fuji HRT. When using ortho film, a K2 is the only hope in correcting to anywhere near pan film with a K2.
The results: Still a bit underexposed. Unbelievable. How slow is this stuff? Shadow detail is definitely a battle to achieve. Next trial--ASA 16, same development. That should about get it pegged. But not a bit of forgiveness on underexposure, because shadow detail with this film is at a precious premium.