Just arrived from Freestyle is the blix version C-41 kit from Rollei. A few of the instructions are unclear:

  • "The bleach-fixer can be used twice. For additional processes the bleach-fix is changed 50% of the bath with fresh solution". So if I have a 1L kit and my tank is 500ml and holds two reels (1 roll of 120 film per reel) that's 4 reels processed then dump 250ml out put in a fresh 250ml then does that mean I can do 4 more reels? Then dumb 250ml again then add the final 250ml and get 4 more again for a total of 12 reels?
  • "Used and fresh solutions should not be mixed with each other in order to avoid contamination". In the past if I used 500ml I put in back in the 1L bottle and just poured from that bottle another 500ml when I started another process. Was that wrong? So If I don't mix, I would have two sets of chemical bottles, one set that was previously used and a fresh set? So in total based on the above the 1L kit would do 24 reels? Doesn't add up right. Where am I going sideways here?