I've reconsidered an earlier idea I had tossed out concerning permanent filtration. I say permanent because this film would be useless for landscape without it, for the sake of sky and clouds. I'm going to move over to a mis-marked 62mm X1. As we know, X1 is a designation for a #58 green, which is quite green. Not cyanny, not yellowish, either one. A very neutral PMS green. The filter I have is more yellow-green (see Pantone 368), yet marked as X1 and not the No. 11 I believe it really is. The problem with the #8 K2 is that it seems to kill off any hope of shadow detail, shadows being blue in hue. I will perform one more experiment at ASA 16, yellow-green factored in, and continue same development. Green x-ray film is tough-stuff. But I really do believe it is workable for landscape and outdoor work.