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Good to know it's available (I never thought to look for it), but why would I buy this when Portra 400 (120 5 pack) is only $30? For me, the nicest thing about Superia has always been the price.

I use this film for pinhole photography, for it's colors and it's very forgiving with over- and underexposure. I bought a very large stash several years ago (outdated + cheap) and it's nearly empty. So I use (cheap + outdated) Konica 400 PRO and Fuji 160 NPC mostly now. See: http://thetoadmen.blogspot.nl/2013/0...-wppd2013.html

However, this film costs new EURO 24.30 ($30.00) at macodirect.de including 19% VAT. See;
I believe - when ordering from outside the EU - you don't have to pay the VAT?
So I think Amazon is too expensive...

But great that it is still available.