As I parted with Hasselblad, I'm left with following items:

I'm located in Krakow/Poland and ship internationally. Shipping price to Europe and US/Canada are included in price! Buyer pays the PayPal fees.

Distagon 50mm f/4.0 - silver C T* version

Visually, the body is below average - while there are no dents, it has scratches and general signs of use (see attached picture). Glass is clean and I would call it perfect if not a very small mark on the front lens (I'm sure it has no impact on anything and I noticed just today when closely inspecting the lens). Mechanically fine. Never had any issue with it. Included are both caps and the lens hood. Price: 200 EUR including shipping!

Sample picture taken with this lens:

Tele-Tessar 350mm

Again, visually the body is below average. There are numerous visible signs of use. No dents on the lens body, though. The front lens has some occasional, fine cleaning marks - visible only under close inspection.

It happened to me few times that the shutter jammed on my body. It's not as bad as it sounds and very easy to fix - have to remove the film back and just give a small touch with screwdriver (or even with something like car key) to the shutter driver, located in the front-bottom part of the camera. I sent the lens for CLA and the repair guy could not redo this with his camera nor fix it to stop it happening with mine. Strange story, I never bothered to find a solution and just took a small screwdriver with me when shooting in the field. When I was using Hasselblad it was happening rarely. Once every 20-30 shutter actuations or even less often.

The lens comes with Hasselad HZ filter, the original lens hood and both lens caps. Price: 350 EUR including shipping!

Sample pictures taken with this lens:

Mutar 2x

The best teleconverter I have ever seen. Glass in mint condition. Body in very good one. Worked marvelously with Sonnar 150/4.0 and the Tele-Tessar. Price: 250 EUR including shipping

Sample picture (with the Tele-Tessar 350/5.6):

32 Extension Tube

Just plain extension Tube. Good condition. Price: 60 EUR including shipping

Sample picture (taken with Sonnar 150/4):

I also have a Hasselbad -> Pentax PK lens mount adaptor. For anyone buying the lens or teleconverter - just ask and I will include it for free.