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Anyone read their "newspapers" on their iphone? Is there something more inhuman then that? The noise of the newspaper, the feel in hand, the obligatory posture, the smell! The swears while trying to find an article, the sheet that won't stay steady, the folding, the pitching it on the table. Reading the news? Quite a secondary experience next to the senses' overload of what a physical newspaper brings as a whole experience. iPhone? Meh.
I love the NY Times on the iPad. References as live links to other stories, the ability to save articles for future reading or reference, plus all garbgeographs look vastly better on the screen than on newsprint.

As to having my attention removed by the screen, I see plenty of people engrossed in a book, or newspaper or word search puzzle. To each his own.

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I think it's assumed here we're all talking about "art" or serious photography - and not crap consumer photography driven by speed of delivery.
Hmmm. Quite the fine line to draw.

Snapshot or Art?