Another item I do not need anymore, having bought Biogon. The lens is in very good condition. Glass is mint, body is good to very good - looking carefully there might be some minor signs of wear found here and there, but nothing significant. The lens made a trip to Will van Mannen ( ) few months ago for a perfect calibration (to genuine standard, not my particular camera) and it is focusing perfectly.

It is a small and great lens, in my opinion significantly underestimated. Almost all of my pictures here: were taken with the lens I'm selling. The only reason I went for Biogon was distortion (Biogon is almost free of it and I'm enlarging my work recently rather than just scanning it and processing digitally).

The lens comes with bayonet mount lens hood (Voigtlander LH-6, with some wear, but nothing significant), both caps and Hoya HMC filter. Price: 449 EUR including shipping!

I'm located in Krakow/Poland and ship internationally. Shipping to Europe or US/Canada is included in price! Buyer pays the PayPal fees. Thanks for looking!