I have never seen a Rolleiflex in such great condition (granted, I haven't seen that many of them). I believe it's as Mint as camera can be over 60 years after being produced. I actually bought it to use it, but any time I took it with me I felt this strange thing that maybe I'm doing something crazy.

Anyway - as I mentioned the camera is in really great condition. The glass is clean, shutter works fine (I sent it for CLA just after I purchased it). There no visible dents or scratches. Some sample pictures I took with this beauty: http://www.flickr.com/photos/przemur...tessar75mmf35/

Price: 400 EUR including shipping to Europe or US/Canada, buyer pays the PayPal fees. I'm including the camera, original leather case (I wouldn't rely on it) and some third party accessories: lens hood (it's somewhat loose, but it works), plastic lens cap and tripod thread adapter.